GameTalk: Details, details, details

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Byron Grant Leader-Details

Details, details, details

How important are the ‘details’ to you?

Do you want/need the historical designations of the units that hit the beach at D-Day, or do you just want to know that there’s a crapload of joes unloading into Normandy?

Do you want unit symbols, icons, or portraits?

Leader names, or just leader counters?

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2 Responses to GameTalk: Details, details, details

  1. Mark Brownell says:

    I like DETAILS. I love the Panzer Grenadier system, but I HATE the leader counters!
    All the other counters are great pictures and then you get to those leader counters!
    LNL counters show action, as do Worthington’s Band of Brothers and Ghost Panzer.
    Early Squad leader counters were like that. Then, remember when the British and neutral country counters came out …. it looked liked they were all standing around
    waiting for the bus! I like historically named units also. If I’m refighting a battle, I want to have the correct units. Guess that comes from being a History teacher!

    • Brant Guillory says:

      I think most folks want the historical designations on their counters when they are larger units, like Stalingrad or The Bulge or Tarawa.

      But when you’re ‘making up’ leader names for tactical games, they’re rarely necessary for game purposes and are purely chrome. That said, I personally prefer named counters to un-named ones, if only so I can remember who did what on any given turn! 🙂

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