GameTalk: Scenario Design – Hypothetical Units

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Byron Grant

Scenario Design – Hypothetical Units

How many additional units or counters should be included in a game to support hypothetical scenarios or what-if battles?

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One Response to GameTalk: Scenario Design – Hypothetical Units

  1. Tom Russell says:

    It depends on two things, namely:
    * How interesting/worth investigating/plausible those hypotheticals are. I hardly ever play with variants and hypotheticals, sticking to the historical scenarios with historical rules. I figure there’s probably a fair number of gamers who feel the same way. It has to be a really attractive alternative for me to try it.
    * How many counters you have left on the sheet. That probably sounds like a smart alec kind of answer, but I’m being 100% serious. The number of counters is dictated by the size of the counters (5/8in is 176, 3/4in is 110, etc). If I have 5 counters left over, and I don’t need more than 5 to do the alternate scenario, then I’m good to go. If I have 4 counters left and I really need 5, I’m not going to add another sheet or half-sheet of counters, and I’m not going to try to half-ass the scenario with only four. I’ll probably just make some extra status markers or something.

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