GameTalk: Lucky Dice

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Byron Grant, 2 March 2015

Lucky Dice

lucky diceDo you have a set of “lucky dice”?  How often do you use them?

What do your opponents say when you bust them out? Do they ever object? How do your “lucky dice” handle a dice tower?

Have you ever made your opponent roll the dice for you at a critical juncture of the game, just to see how he’d react?


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One Response to GameTalk: Lucky Dice

  1. Robert Lohaus (Swatter) says:

    A regular gaming friend of mine insists with utter certainty that the dice have no memory. The odds are the odds and over time they will conform to statistics. Overall, I have to agree with that logic. At the same time, I let my gaming instincts rule. If it feels “right”, I’ll take a risk betting on rolling very well.

    I have known several people to shun certain dice or love certain dice due to superstition or some notion that dice are “lucky” or “unlucky”. I have a bag of dice, but no, I do not think they are lucky.

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