GameTalk: Fantasy “War”gaming?

frontier wars 728x90 KS
Columbia's "Wizard Kings"

Columbia’s “Wizard Kings”

Byron Grant, 12 January 2015

Fantasy Wargaming

How do you get your RPG buddies to play a ‘wargame’ with you? Make it a fantasy wargame! Bust out Battlelore, or a Warhammer title, or, well, darn near anything from Fantasy Flight Games. Heck, even Columbia Games’ Wizard Kings looks an awful lot like any of their block wargames.

What fantasy wargames do you enjoy for their tactical nuance?

What fantasy wargames give you nice strategic depth?

Absent the magical wonder-weapons, what fantasy wargames give you the best cross-over experience with ‘real’ wargames?



TSR’s “Red Arrow, Black Shield”, a wargame set in the Mystara setting (then only called “the known world”) and as X10, a part of expanding the world initially established in the original X1, Isle of Dread module.


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