GameTalk: Critical Hits!

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Byron Grant, 29 December 2014

Critical Hits!

Many games include a special critical hits table to reflect the infamous “golden bb” phenomena. Other games eschew critical hits and use a non-specific damage model.

What say your readers about critical hits?

Also…can “critical hits” be used for large scale (operational) wargames, and if so, what might they be?


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2 Responses to GameTalk: Critical Hits!

  1. Russell says:

    Having been on the receiving end of a few golden bb’s during accidents or mishaps, as in my temples and/or philtrum, I can tell you personally that critical hits should be modelled.

    As for critical hits in strategic/operational wargames, they can model strategic/operational surprise, decapitation of leadership.

    A good implementation of critical hits in a tactical game is for ASL with the poorly armoured engine air intakes on the port? side of the otherwise very heavily shielded French Char B1 bis tank.

  2. Robert Lohaus says:

    You definitely need to model the freak occurrences. Not only is it realistic, its fun when it doesn’t happen to you! In games like Pacific War (and its ancestors) critical hits are nearly always memorable moments, even when your bombing a cargo ship.

    You definitely need to consider the scale though and what exact gameplay system your speaking of. Criticals can have a place on nearly any table, but the higher the scale of the game, the less it tends to make sense for combat resolution. Playing a WWII game at a strategic scale is more about attrition than lucky rolls. On the other hand, it is perfect for individual ships and planes.

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