GameTalk: Mulligans!

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Byron Grant, 15 December 2014


A common practice in golf is to allow a “do-over” without penalty for particularly bad swings.

Do you ever allow your face-to-face competitor a “do over”?

What about when solo-gaming (c’mon…admit it).

What do you think of rules that allow you to “re-roll” a dice?

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One Response to GameTalk: Mulligans!

  1. Clair Conzelman says:

    I can think of two instances with opponents….first, in some games that first turn is critical, and if my opponent just flubs it because they are new the game system or the scenario, I allow a “reset” and do the turn over, so that we can have a good next several hours! Second, if a player makes a stupid mistake late in a game, just out of tiredness (forgets to move a key rienforcement, leaves a hole in ZOCs), I’ll allow a mulligan redo so that I can beat their good play, not win late in a game due to a stupid game type error (as opposed to an error in tactics, which is always fair play!).

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