GameTalk: Counter Design

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Sample counters from Schwerpunkt’s new WWII In Europe. Click to enlarge.

Byron Grant, 8 December 2014

Whether digital or tabletop, counter design is a touchy subject.

When designing a wargame, one will inevitably face the challenge of how much information should be on a counter.

Is there a minimalist limitation to what should be on a counter?

Can you have too much information on a counter?

What is the least amount of info that has to be on the counter, and what info are you willing to chase around in other charts?

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One Response to GameTalk: Counter Design

  1. Samuel McAdorey says:

    Put on as much info that must be referenced each turnas possible. But make sure it is legible!!! The World at War series from Lock ‘N Load publishing is a classic example of good presentation of info on a counter ruined by use of a poor font.

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