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frontier wars 728x90 KS

4NWMapSampleByron Grant, 1 December 2014

Maps and Graphics

Redmond Simonsen once said: “The designer should never lose sight of the fact that most gamers are deeply influenced by the game map: a good map goes a long way towards creating a positive impression of the game. Since the map is the most constantly used component, it should be the most effective in doing its job of providing the basic environment for the game.”

What do like or dislike in map, and why? Can you give some examples of excellent or poor map design?

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3 Responses to GameTalk: Maps!

  1. Brian says:

    Praise Redmond A. Simonsen!
    Yea, for I worship at his sparsely decorated yet very functional altar….

  2. Mike Willner says:

    I LOVE Line of Battle series by The Gamers, but their maps have the attribute I hate the most.

    I, like many men, am red-green color blind. The elevation shades chosen for moat LoB (and OCS for that matter) games are often indistinguishable. So line of site on a map like None But Heroes becomes impossible for me. Luckily I have very collaborative opponents and can trust them to let me know if I have a shot, but it is completely frustrating.

    I wish all map designers would keep color blindness in mind and add a bit of pattern to the finely gradiated shades of brown and green on their maps .

  3. Mark D. says:

    Poor Map Design: Light Infantry (3W)
    Excellent Map Design: Washington’s Crossing (Revolution Games)

    By no means an exhaustive list, just two of the games I’ve looked at recently.

    Mark (

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