A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 6

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By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, October 9, 2014

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DW Part 06 - 01

I have a minor problem I didn’t notice until now: my fleet range is atrocious. That cuts down on the options I have for targets. The only viable ones are the Gulrath Territory, Grand Iskabar Authority, and the Yirphunea Supremacy. The former two would stretch my fleets’ fuel limits. The Yirphunea are closer, but I would be going up against their home world defenses.


For now I’m going to run covert operations against all three focusing on the Yirphunea. If I can catch them while their fighting someone else I might be able to catch their homeworld without significant troops or ships to support it.


DW Part 06 - 02


DW Part 06 - 03


Finally, someone that wants to be friends. I’m almost surrounded by hostile factions. The few races that are friendly are either outside the ring of hostiles or in the case of the Securan Harmony, too weak to be of any assistance.


DW Part 06 - 04


DW Part 06 - 05


DW Part 06 - 06


This is not good, an unfinished death star. Definiately don’t have the fleet range to secure it. I’m going to rely on the space slugs to keep the other factions away.


DW Part 06 - 07


How many times do I have to tell these aliens to stay out of my territory?.  First chance I get, I’m going to show them there’s a price to pay for annoying me.


DW Part 06 - 08


Yay the AI colonized a thoroughly useless planet!. From now on the AI can suggest new colonies but no longer automatically colonize themit itself. Having this colony is going to put a huge drain on my economy without getting anything out of it.


DW Part 06 - 09


So here’s the plan:. I’ve started refits across the board. 1st Fleet will refit first, then 3rd, and the troops transports in 2nd strike group last. Once complete I’ll advancve against the Gulrath system of Mantarran (red). Once I take it, I’ll advance on either the Naxxil or Munkalamare systems (yellow).


DW Part 06 - 10


Fleet refits done, the fleets head out. I probably could take the system with my transports alone. With the reports from my scouts and spies the planet has little in the way defenses, but I want to make sure Ii can hold oin when the inevitable counter attack comes.


DW Part 06 - 11


DW Part 06 - 12


DW Part 06 - 13


As predicted, the planet has no defenses and falls quickly. I’m going to leave 1st and 3rd fleets to defend Arendui. I split the troops transports from 2nd Strike Force and sentd them back to refuel and to load more troops. The 4 capital ships remaining in 2nd Strike Force will advance on the Munkalamare system. If there isn’t a lot of resistance in space or on the ground they will attempt to take the planet.


DW Part 06 - 14


DW Part 06 - 15


They arrive to find a few more troops on the planet MunkKalamare 2, but with twice the number of attackers they easily take the planet.


DW Part 06 - 16


DW Part 06 - 17


With that I make peace with the Gulrath. 1st and 3rd fleets are about out of fuel from fending off single freighters in Mantarran and there is no way I can hold off a determined counter attack on MunkKalamare. After the fleets refuel and repair minor damage, I’m going to go after the Yirphunea Supremacy.

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