GameTalk: Mano-a-Mano

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Byron Grant, 3 November 2014

Our weekly design discussions continue!

GT-manoStrategic games put you in the role of an armchair General; tactical games, an armchair Major, Lieutenant or Sergeant. But what of those rare games where 1 counter represents 1 man, and everything is up close and personal? Skirmish-level or man-to-man games are great for creating for some tense and “personal” gaming moments, but is the scale good for conflict simulation or training / education? What are some of your favorite or not-so-favorite man-to-man combat games?

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  1. […] Mano-a-mano WWII skirmishing, with streamlined set of basic rules, and a few mechanical twists that keep wargamers on their toes with some fresh ideas.  They’ve partnered with Wargames Factory to offer some of their figures through add-ons to the campaign, but the real highlight is the ruleset that starts at 5 pages and a handful of initiative cards, and adds on complexity as the players are ready for it.  The basic set includes templates for blast radii and targeting, and counters for marking battlefield conditions.  Stretch goals now include bonus scenarios, cards, and a paper house for battlefield terrain.  Go check out the campaign and plunk down your shekels. […]

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