GameTalk: Small-arms Ranged Combat

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Byron Grant, 13 October 2014

Our weekly design discussions continue!

Ranged combat is a simple enough concept – try to hit something that’s far away from you with some kind of projectile – but in practice, hitting your target and causing damage can be a difficult task. Many wargames don’t model things like rate of fire, ammunition supply, or effectiveness. At Agincourt, English longbows damaged but did not destroy the French knights (a fact which perhaps necessitated Henry V’s order to kill 1000’s of prisoners), and in recent wars, a 2011 report showed that US forces fired 250,000 rounds for every insurgent killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. So…is small arms ranged combat accurately represented in wargames? Does rifle fire kill more of your WWII counters, or is HE the real menace. Lock n’ load your comments.

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