GameTalk: We Can Be Heroes

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Byron Grant, 6 October 2014

Our weekly design discussions continue!

GT_HeroSome tactical games feature individual non-leader units – sometimes called heroes. These individual hero units typically act as force multipliers, providing bonuses to firepower, morale or defense. But are hero units a concession to sensational gameplay, or do they reflect the legitimate contributions of real-world soldiers who have distinguished themselves “above and beyond” the call of duty?

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One Response to GameTalk: We Can Be Heroes

  1. Eric M. Walters says:

    I suspect the answer does not have to be “either-or,” but could be both. For those tactical scenarios where heroic individuals historically had a disproportionate effect on the battle, it makes sense to include them. For other scenarios, having a mechanism for generating heroes through the course of play is just one more way of creating a great narrative.

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