Tuesday Newsday Roundup – 8/14

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frontier wars 728x90 KS

Another weekly whirlwind of wargaming ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 7 August 2018

This week in gaming and random cool stuff, as we check out something neat from around the gaming world


Something cool that was just released this past week:

We might be a week off here, but Hollandspiele’s new The Lost Provinces looks pretty damn nifty.  All of you solo gamers out there, take note: It plays well with one. There’s some combined arms required, and it’s a conflict that not many people have fuddled with, so it’s not like there’s key terrain that every “knows” (helllllo, Peach Orchard).  It might take a little time to get delivered since Hollandspiele’s printer is being affected by the wildfires in California, but don’t let that get you down.

2N LostProv

Lost Provinces

Something cool on Kickstarter:

Post-apocalyptic games are getting a little out of control.  How do we know?  How about the very presence of the Moonshiners of the Apocalypse game, for starters.  Although any game featuring a rash of “Mirth”… er… “drunkard” minis, can’t be all that bad, right?


Something cool on p500 or pre-order:

We’ve covered Thunder in the East here at GrogHeads already.  But you can also go get your pledge in now for your own copy of it, and why not?  I mean, it’s Frank, it’s a mini-monster, and it’s East Front warfare.  Go for it!


Something cool that happened this week in history:

OK, it was last week, but the Battle of Bad Axe just sounds so, “bad axe!”  It was a fight between Indian tribes and the US Army in what’s now Wisconsin, as the federals ran down the fleeing Indians.  The “battle” was actually more of a massacre than a battle, and after 2 days of fighting much of the Indian leadership had fled and more of the Midwest was opened up to expansion by settlers.


Something cool to ogle:

GrogHeads’ own Gary Krockover has been re-working some counters Eagles of the Empire:Eylau and posting his progress to Facebook

2N eylau

Gary’s new counters


Something cool to enhance your gaming:

With all the Kriegspiel mania running loose at GrogHeads these days, with not one, but TWO simultaneous online Napoleonic games running, we’d be remiss in not mentioning Command Post Games’ Kriegspiel dice.

2N CP KSdice

Kriegspiel dice


Something totally-off-the-wall but still cool:

How about a completely-populated island of nothing but tiny houses, walkways, back-porch fishing, and the occasional tourist?  Santa Cruz del Isolte is off the coast of Colombia, and is jammed tiny little reverse-Venice, and most importantly, NO MOSQUITOES!


Something cool to listen to on your way out the door:

Yes, it’s a pop song. Yes, it’s a very catchy pop song. Yes, at least one of the GrogHeads is seen regularly dancing around the kitchen while cooking when this comes on.


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