Tuesday Newsday Roundup – 8/7

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Another weekly whirlwind of wargaming ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 7 Augut 2018

This week in gaming and random cool stuff, as we check out something neat from around the gaming world


Something cool that was just released this past week:

One Small Step Games released CounterFact #8, with an alternate-history East Front WWII game that asks how things might have changed if the Bulgarians had flipped, and the East Front started earlier.  The magazine also includes articles from Brian Train and Steven Dixon, among others. CounterFact also has a nice Facebook presence, with interesting articles appearing there several times a week.

Something cool on Kickstarter:

Worthington loves them some muskets, and here’s another Age-of-Gunpowder-in-the-New-World game with the 1759 Siege of Quebec.  It’s running until 20 August, and already well past the funding goal.  Unlike many wargames, you have to issue orders in advance, rather than just hoping you can react to your opponent’s actions.  There’s a solitaire variant, too.


Something cool to ogle:

Jerome Huguenin is creating some fantastic RPG-focused maps over on his Patreon pageand you can become a patron in exchange for some excellent, frame-it-in-the-game-den-quality graphics.


Jerome Huguenot’s excellent art over at his Patreon page


Something cool on p500 or pre-order:

GMT Games has a digital adaptation of their WWII aerial combat game Nightfighterthat’s still trying to get over the hump on their p500 system.  Folks love the game, and the artwork was pretty stunning.  Now they’re wanting to give you a digital experience with it, and need your help to get it there.


Something cool that happened this week in history:

In clear defiance of the Posse Comitatus Law that wouldn’t exist for almost another century, President George Washington calls out the militia and personally leads them into western Pennsylvania to put down the Whiskey Rebellion.  Absolutely nothing tactical was gained on either side by either the rebellion or the mobilization, but some historians have argued that it was a necessary precedent-setter for the federal government’s ability to internally enforce its own laws.


Something cool to enhance your gaming:

The modular dice towers from The Broken Tokenwere one of the hits at Origins, and several members of the GrogCrew went home with enough pieces to build about a 4-foot-tall dice tower.  Why?  C’mon, really? You’re going to ask “why”?  You already know the answer…


Something totally-off-the-wall but still cool:

No idea who Utherwald Press is (other than “they’re English!”), but they’ve got this intriguing series of blog articles about “Cold War Skirmishes”that sound like they’re working on some sort of man-to-man game, either as an RPG or tactical minis game.  The articles aren’t the most in-depth, but they are well-written and the links are pretty good.


Something cool to listen to on your way out the door:

Going back over 20 years now,  Natalie Merchant had exactly one hit solo album (and a few other stray songs).  Because it was a ‘90s-alt-girl-angst-heavy, a lot of people didn’t take it particularly seriously aside from a couple of hit songs.  But the guitarist on the album (Jennifer Turner) is playing her ass off the entire time and the single-note lines underneath the entire song “Wonder” are a great example of her ‘second melody’ underneath the vocals.


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