What’s Gus Playing? Assassin’s Creed – Origins, part 2

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Today, a different kind of “Origins” as Gus takes us back to the desert ~

Lloyd Sabin, 25 June 2018

Still smarting from a harsh and quick defeat as Nabatea in Rome 2 Total War, I returned to the warm bosom of Alexandria in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I am currently at Level 13, and have just cracked open the game world by killing the first in a series of other assassin’s who tried to kill my wife, Aya.

Progression in this game is effortless, almost to fault…mind you that the difficulty level is adjustable. Players get experience points for just discovering locations, in addition to more difficult tasks like completing side quests and advancing the main plot line and completing quests. The controls can occasionally be slightly wonky but this is offset by the beautiful set pieces and visuals, all accessible to the player.

If you have any interest in the ancient world of Rome, Greece or Egypt you will love Origins. And if you don’t, Origins may kindle that interest. My continuing advance through the game world of is below.

Gus ACreedOrigins 2 1

After a few hours of introductions, the player can gain access to ancient Alexandria, where the game really begins to shine.

Gus ACreedOrigins 2 2

Visions of The Witcher 3 pop in to my head as boats are introduced to help explore the city and the surrounding waterways.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 3

Some images of Origins capture an uncanny feeling of serenity and isolation.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 4

Early morning and early evening are also very evocative.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 5

Alexandria is full of activity at any time of day.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 6

There’s no shortage of high points in the city that offer great views.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 7

The legendary lighthouse is visible from almost anywhere.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 8

Night comes, and the player can almost feel the streets begin to cool.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 9

Skulking in the shadows is always great fun, bringing back good memories of past stealth-centered games like Thief.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 10

One particular mission series finds the player almost nude in a high end bathhouse, looking to assassinate a low-level government official. Less is more here…a full set or armor and weapons wouldn’t really fit in.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 11

Leaving the city proper for the outskirts, through one of its triumphal gates.


Gus ACreedOrigins 2 12

The Hippodrome, where the next chapter of the main story line begins…but not before some horse racing, partying and betting.


So I continue getting drawn in to the world of Origins, and I must admit that I have not been bored once so far…the game has a knack for delivering fascinating tidbits and world building.

Thanks for reading!

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