Armageddon War – First Look!

ArmageddonWarUnBox SPLASH
frontier wars 728x90 KS

Armageddon War, and Burning Lands have both arrived ~

Vance Strickland, 24 June 2018

Just received my KS package for Armageddon War and here are some shrink-ripping pics!

ArmageddonWarUnBox pic01

Kickstarter basic package. Too cheap for solo expansion.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic02

The main box. Love the art work.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic03

Everything in the box, including 18 custom dice.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic04

Rule and scenario booklet.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic05

Rules in full colour and lots of examples. Point values for DYO scenarios. 15 scenarios including 1 solo mission.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic06

Two copies of the double sided player aid card.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic07

Five sheets of 1″ counters.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic08

US and Russian troops close up. Yes, pre-rounded corners.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic09

IDF and Syrian rebels also in the game.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic10

Two large 22″x33″ mounted maps. Lots of desert to fight over.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic11

Close up of city to protect or destroy.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic12

Burning Lands expansion box. More great art.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic13

Contents of expansion.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic14

Rule and scenario booklet.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic15

Again in full colour.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic16

Another sheet of 1″ counters. Jordanian and Hezbollah combatants.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic17

Another 22″x33″ map but this time more varied terrain.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic18

KS stretch goal, 6 scenario branching mini campaign with force carry-over from scenario-to-scenario.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic19

Branching based on winning or losing scenarios.


ArmageddonWarUnBox pic20

Another KS stretch goal, formation cards for all the forces.


Another quality product from Flying Pig Games. Can’t wait to play it.

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