Medieval – First Look!

Medieval SPLASH
frontier wars 728x90 KS

As the Kickstarter start to arrive, we check out what’s inside ~

Vance Strickland, 23 June 2018

Relaunching an old classic, the new version of Medieval is starting to make its way to Kickstarter backers.  What’s inside the box?

MedievalUnBox pic01

Big heavy box

MedievalUnBox pic02

All the goodies contained therein.


MedievalUnBox pic03

31 page rule book.


MedievalUnBox pic04

Full colour and good sized font for easy reading.


MedievalUnBox pic05

Double sided player aid card.


MedievalUnBox pic06

6 sheets of map tiles and counters. Great artwork.


MedievalUnBox pic07

6 sets of custom player control markers. Plus wooden ships.


MedievalUnBox pic08

108 cards of all kinds.


MedievalUnBox pic09

Speaking of great artwork just look at the cards!


MedievalUnBox pic10

Great art on the large map as well.


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