What’s Gus Playing? Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare pt3

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GrogHeads’ moon midget muses meanderingly on martial mayhem ~

Lloyd Sabin, 19 March 2018

I loved this game. A lot.

And now…the last round of my gushing praise for Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare. I loved this game. A lot. Particularly the single player campaign.

You may know this already from the gushing I did last week, and the week before that. This is it, I swear. Next week will feature a whole new game and set of screen shots to gush over. Or despise. Who knows, really?

Anything can happen when it comes to what I am playing on my PC, for I am so very fickle, hour to hour. Here, have these screenies

In the midst of Earth’s final battle with Mars, our forces are pulling out all the stops, including mechs. Sadly, they are not pilotable here, which is a real missed opportunity.


Finally got my hands on this one. Although it doesn’t quite end the war, his capture gets Earth very close to eliminating the massive Martian threat.


After taking care of that part of Martian business, your team also takes care of the Martian capital ship. For good.


A final Jackal assault on a Martian ship yard puts another nail in the coffin of their war effort.


With their leadership, infrastructure and heavy ships crippled, the path is open to storm Mars itself. In the distance is a gigantic wreck of another Martian capital ship.


The big push. Everyone you have met earlier in the campaign who has survived is with you for this.


Hitting the last remnants of the Martian effort as hard as possible. This won’t just hurt them, it will kill them.


Your effort has paid off in a quite destructive way. Careful!


Mission accomplished, Mars has been defeated. The cost has not been low…as a matter of fact destroying the Martian war effort has cost Earth probably tens of millions dead. And for fear of spoilers, I can’t show the next few screens if you ever want to play Infinite Warfare yourself.


Clearly Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare really blew my socks off. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. And it really did warrant the three sets of screen shots and the accompanying gushing. Pick it up if you haven’t yet!

For next week, I swear, something completely different.

See you then!

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