Hell Frozen Over – First Look!

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Unboxing… er, “unbagging” LNLP’s expansion for Heroes of the Pacific~

Vance Strickland, 20 February 2018

Hell Frozen Over covers the Battle of Attu Island at the tactical level, with the LNLT system.  Other games have covered this out-of-the-way fight in the Pacific Theater, including the recent War In the Wind, but this is one of the first to feature the fighting at this echelon.

Brand new Hell Frozen Over expansion for Heroes of the Pacific and the X-Map(s) too!

Inside the HFO ziplock pouch, Rules/Scenarios book, 2 charts and the map. No counters, you’ll need Heroes of the Pacific to play.


The map is large and features 8 levels of elevation! It’s a tough hill to climb.


The rules have lots of examples and colour pictures to help with the difficult terrain.


Full colour scenarios too. 9 in all.


Size comparison of the regular large map with the huge X-Map! Better have a big table!


Hex size comparison with units. Going to be hard to go back to regular maps after this.


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