Old School Tactical II – First Look!

frontier wars 728x90 KS

From north of the border comes an advance look at what’s in the box ~

Vance Strickland, 18 October 2017

Here is everything that arrived today in my KickStarter Old School Tactical Vol. II package!

Everything packed, really well, into the shipping box. OST Vol. II, Airborne Expansion, Pocket Battles Scenarios and maps, neoprene admin mats, and the new Strategy Guide.

Close up of the neoprene mats. Brings all the admin tables to one spot.


Strategy Guide with full colour examples and suggestions.


Pocket Battles Scenario booklet and 2 double sided, summer and winter, 11×17 maps.


Here’s the loot in the main OST II box!


New ver. 5.5 rulebook. 22 pages!


Rulebook is full of colour illustrations inside.


Scenario booklet has 16 scenarios plus 2 solo scenarios with special solo rules.


Vehicle and equipment reference cards and Luck cards.


3 sheets of counters. Yes with pre-rounded corners!


And the massive 30×41 mounted map! Thing is huge and gorgeous.


Contents of the Airborne Expansion box.


Scenario booklet featuring the exploits of the 82nd and 101st paratroops in Normandy.


One counter sheet with even more units to do battle with.


And another huge beautiful 30×41 mounted map.


Lots of gaming in this bundle.

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