Raid on the Marshall Islands – an Order of Battle Pacific AAR, part 3

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The raid on the Gilberts & Marshalls is almost done ~

Avery Abernethy, 28 July 2017

As introduced in the first episode – This is an after action report (AAR) from Order of Battle: World War 2 the US Pacific Campaign and the Marshalls – Gilbert Islands Raid scenario. I played this scenario as part of the US Pacific Campaign. 

A lot happened on Turn 10. First, I received two US submarine units to the far Southwest. They spotted a Jap merchant. Subs have fairly damaging attacks but also take several turns to reload after firing.

I’d detached a destroyer from Task Force Black and it discovered another Jap merchant on its way to the final objective.

Black Task Force heavily attacked the Jap Light Cruiser which was attempting to close with the US Carrier. My Destroyer hit the Jap with torpedoes, my cruiser hit it with gunfire and my dive bomber and torpedo plane made attack runs. My F4F Wildcat is guarding the Jap airfield to damage planes when they are vulnerable taking off.

In the far North at objective Red 2 the last Jap plane was shot down with a combination of the PT boat and my dive bomber. I’ve sent a torpedo plane to the West to scout for enemy ships. My PT boat and cruiser will blow up the Jap oil depot as they sail West to the final objective.


All of the turn 10 events have altered my strategy. I have sunk enough Japs and spotted enough shipping that I think if the Black Task Force stays in the South that I can reach that minor victory objective. The Red Task Force has encountered such light targets that it may be able to take care of the last Jap oil depot and airbase by itself. But changing the strategy at this point means that the Black Task Force will be unable to converge on the last objective. This thought is confirmed on Turn 11 when the Jap Light Cruiser is sunk by the Black Task Force and two squadrons of Jap planes take off from Objective Black 2. The Black Task force is so heavily engaged with the Jap air power plus the remaining merchant ship and oil depot that it will be impossible to rendezvous with the Red Task Force.


Turn 12 Raid Overview





My subs sank a Jap merchant but a Jap gunboat is closing on them.



On turns 12 and 13 the adjusted strategy comes together. My detached destroyer sinks a Jap merchant with gunfire while steaming Northwest.


In the far South the Black Task force shot down the Jap fighter and the Jap bomber guessed wrong and missed an attack on my carrier. My cruiser is staying in close AA support and my fighter is close to shooting it down. My destroyer has trapped another Jap merchant in the harbor.

In the North, the oil depot on target Red 2 is destroyed and the Red Task Force is moving towards the last Jap airbase and oil depot.

Come back and see how it all wraps up –

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