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GrogHeads Staff, 12 June 2017

As we ramp up for Origins, we’re in pretty regular contact with our vendor partners about the games we’re going to use in our events and how we’re going to support them at the convention.  We’ve always made it a priority to showcase their newest and coolest, and then work in others that support our special events, like the Team COIN games, or (this year) the tournaments.

For our participants, those vendor partners have always come through with some excellent prizes – we give away at least one wargaming prize at every single one of our ticketed events, often full copies of games.  

This year, we also reached out to some other companies who were not able to attend Origins, and ask if they were able to offer a couple of games in support of the Central Command for us to use as prizes for gamers, and for our end-of-convention raffle.


Wow, did folks come thru for us!  We got batches of games from High Flying Dice (Blood & Carnage, Day of Infamy, and Jitra Jitters); LPS (A Defiant Stand, Schwarm!, Hitler Turns East, Winds of War, and Terrible Swift Swordfish); and DVG (Field Commander Rommel, Down in Flames, Modern Land Battles, and more).

So, what do we have for you this week?  Awesome games from Collins Epic, Flying Pig, Proving Ground, Lock’n’Load, Griggling, and Lost Battalion, plus a bunch of GMT events sponsored by Enterprise Games.  We’ve got giveaways for every table.  We’ve got discounts at our participating vendors.  And we’ve got our Sunday raffle for you to come back for one more chance as some loot with GrogHeads.

Oh yeah, and our Kids’ Program

We’ve got a kids-specific table set up this year to introduce the kids to wargaming!

There are 4 different games, all scheduled at different times throughout the weekend. These sessions are only 1-hour sessions to make sure that we don’t tax the attention spans of the kids, and we’ve scaled-down the scenarios to make sure they’ll fit in an hour.

You can check out the event grid here and just filter the right-hand column on “kids”

We’ve got 4 games for them to try out some different types of games and historical eras:

  1. C&C Ancients (block wargaming, ancient warfare)
  2. Spearpoint ’43 (card wargaming, WWII)
  3. Fields of Fire: Movie Monster Madness (minis wargaming, include some ‘monster’ figures for fun)
  4. Tank on Tank (traditional hex-and-counter game, WWII)

Each kid that comes and plays gets a punch card with the 4 games on it. Once they come play at least 1 of all 4 games, they get a kids-program specific Junior General prize (or two!

These games are for kids age 7-14, and they must have an adult come to the table with them.

See you at the show!

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