Origins! Day 4 Wrap-up

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Like the Energizer Bunny of the tabletop – Still gaming… ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 19 June 2016

The three big events we saw running were the regional qualifier for Bushiroad, the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, and the costume competition.  Bushiroad took over a large part of the back corner of the main gaming room, rapidly filled with people sorting cards. Yu-Gi-Oh took over a ballroom, filling the room with the murmur of conversation.  Judges wandered around, adjudicating, and the main game was being recorded with color commentary.

Bushiroad Cards

Bushiroad Cards

Bushiroad Players

Bushiroad Players

The costume contest demonstrated hundreds of hours of hard work by the costumers, and, in some cases, their parents.  The MC said level of competition was even higher than last year.  There were over 60 entries.  We had winners in comics, fantasy, SF, and tv/film, and the children’s category.  There was also, of course, the best 3 across categories, and each judge presented a special judges award. Grant Wilson of Rather Dashing Games (and formerly of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters) and voice actors Darren Dustan and Wayne Grayson were the judges.  Winners have been announced, with photographs, on Origins’ Facebook page.

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Back at Fort Kickass (GrogHeads), we had an excellent run of Wing Leader.  The Command Post Wargame was a spectacular success.  We had great teamwork by a crew of newbies and a GrogHeads MetalDog.  Numerous COIN games were pondered over.

Brant categorically denies creating buzz for GrogHeads by driving to the booth on an M60A2.  He certainly won’t admit that driving one makes it much easier to navigate the concourse crowds.

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