Origins! Day 2 Wrap-up

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Origins Day 2 Report ~

James Sterrett, 17 June 2016

Day 2!  We laughed, we played, we did not cry.  That we will admit to.

Lines were still long in the morning, with some people needed over an hour to get their badges.  That slowed the flow of people into events a bit but the hardcore crowd got stuck into their gaming as the day wore on.  Not yet at the level of Saturday’s hordes, though!

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Photos from Corinne Mahaffey, click to enlarge

We had around 10 people for the team Distant Plain event, won at the last minute by the Coalition forces declaring victory and abandoning Afghanistan.  Command Post Wargaming saw a new staff figure out their jobs, coming to understand the difference between data and information and why your commander only wants the latter.  Several newbies were introduced to Wing Leader,  who liked the its side scrolling “arcade” grand tactical perspective – it models distance and altitude but not lateral separation.  Our partners at Lock ’n Load, Proving Ground, Flying Pig, and Lost Battalion saw a steady stream of people to their demos as well.  Enterprise Games, representing GMT, has a wide selection of games priced at $30 per game or 2 for $60.

Grogheads notes that Brant /did not/ collapse a table during a game of Twilight Struggle by re-enacting Khrushchev’s shoe-banging incident.

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