Origins! Day 1 Wrap-up

frontier wars 728x90 KS

What does Wednesday at Origins look like?  It depends on what line you’re in ~

Corinne Mahaffey and/or James Sterrett, 16 June 2016

Day One Report


All photos by Corinne Mahaffey; click to enlarge

The big news of the day:  Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday struck GAMA’s systems, disconnecting their registration database from their front end in the convention center.  For some time, this slowed picking up pre-registration badges to a crawl and created a line that extended most of the length of the convention center.

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The line was generally cheerful, the people at the badge booth worked hard to move people through, but the line persisted throughout the day.  What do gamers do in that line?  Pull out their tablets and phones and play!

The GrogHeads crew steadily grew in the D Hall, mostly getting set up by noon.  As Brant noted, it’s sort of like a family reunion as people who see each other once a year assemble.  We even got a few games played, with GMT’s A Distant Plain causing its usual hair-tearing for all factions, and we also tried out a variant of Lock ’n Load’s Corps Command series morphed into a block game and moved to modern Ukraine.

Playtesters hard at 'work'

Playtesters hard at ‘work’

Lots of gameplay already today.

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We also insist that, despite scurrilous reports that have circulated, Brant /did not/ ride around the hall on a rhinocerous.

Finally, setting up the exhibit hall and gaming halls.

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