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Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~

Operation Neptune Spear: The Raid on OBL

This May marks the anniversary of the SEAL Team 6 raid to kill OBL. Although this event had a significant impact on the strategic organization of Al Queda and served as a great boost to US and allied nation morale, as wargamers we are inevitably inclined to ponder: would this make a good game? and how would that be done? What were the real challenges with this operation? Was it piecing together the pieces of intel? Or maybe planning for all the possible eventualities? Certainly the firefight between 24 Navy SEALS and the four or five armed residents living on the compound wouldn’t make a particulary interesting “shooter” game, but is there another aspect that would be more compelling?

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  1. Keith Rose says:

    IMO The gathering & processing of intel is the most challenging part in any counter insurgency – real or gamed. Intel should be king – the shooting bit is just the end game (& maybe not even that). The bad guys will almost always have the initiative, thus just militarily reacting – no matter how skilled or superior you are – is only ever going to have you playing catch up. Intel lets you get ahead of the game, but is far, far harder to do well as it has a huge range of competencies.

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