GameTalk: Winning a Losing Situation

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Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~

Winning a Losing Situation

Military history is full of great losses, such as Little Big Horn, Beaumont Hamel, and the Raid on St. Nazaire. What do you think of games where “winning” still occurs within a context of inevitable defeat? Are the only measures of victory in such games either a) inflict more damage – or b) evade disaster for longer – than in history? Can you make a compelling game out of US perspective of Pearl Harbor, or the loss of Torpedo 8 at the battle of Midway? And do such games have limited replayability?

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  1. Keith Rose says:

    I think with many games (particularly if you’re playing solo)the pleasure is in just playing the game – whether you win or lose is in some regard immaterial – the fun is gained from facing the challenges your historical counterpart faced and dealing with these challenges. The concept of “winning” CAN therefore be unimportant – no-one reads a book or looks at a painting to “win”, they just do it cos’ its pleasurable.

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