GameTalk: Civvies!

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Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~


Although we often tend to think of warfare as conflict between two opposing armed forces, military operations have often been directed at civilians. Sometimes this is done to eliminate support or demoralize an enemy, but sometimes it is because civilians are a source of lootable resources. This in turn leaves the moral wargamer designer / gamer with a critical choice: should civilians be designed into a wargame, and if so, how? If one army is to protect a civilian body, should the opposing force to rewarded to destroy it? Or are civilians just to morally complex to include the wargame paradigm?

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  1. jack nastyface says:

    I think the first game I saw with civilians as key elements was Fury of the Norsemen by Metagaming. I think the game Druid allowed you to burn / ransack villages, and Grunt by SPI allow you to interrogate civvies that could result in their death.

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