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Tuesday Screenshot – Tanks in Action


OK, so here’s something more than a screenshot. Tanks on the range at Ft Stewart in 2004.

Spearpoint 1943 with Designer Byron Collins – BONUS

Byron had sent some videos our way.  And in classic GrogHeads “we’re-making-this-up-as-we-go” style, we forgot to include them in this weekend’s post decided to devote a new article just for them, since they’re so outstandingly awesome.

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Video Review: Risk Legacy

Review by Son of Montfort, 21 August 2013

Monty reviews Risk Legacy

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Video Review: Zulus on the Ramparts

By Son of Montfort, 14 April 2013

Son of Montfort reviews VPG’s tactical-level States of Siege game




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Video Review of Logitech G13 Gameboard

Son of Montfort, 26 December 2012

The Electronic Eremite checks out Logitech’s new gameboard.


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