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Grogheads Impressions – Starship Troopers Terran Command


Starship Troopers: Terran Command is the upcoming real-time strategy game developed by the Aristocrats (Order of Battle) and published by Slitherine Ltd.  Due for release on June 16th, PC gamers will soon have the opportunity to once again take command of the Mobile Infantry in combat against the Arachnid threat.  Eager for Federal Citizenship, Grogheads enlists to do its part and ensure that wargames – not MOBAs, dominate the galaxy!


Would you?

By: Craig Handler

Grogheads Impressions: WarPlan Pacific!

product portrait image

WarPlan Pacific is the latest World War 2 strategy game released by Slitherine/Matrix Games and developed by Kraken Studios.  It is an operational level wargame covering all the nations at war in the Pacific theater of operations from December 1941 to 1945, on a massive game scale.  Using the same game system as its predecessor, WarPlan Europe, WarPlan Pacific ships with many additional features and improvements. We took WarPlan Pacific for a spin to give you our initial impressions on just how well the mechanics of the game system translate to the war in the Pacific.

product portrait image

By: Boggit

Grogheads Impressions – Jupiter Hell!

450px Jupiter Hell cover

Jupiter Hell is a traditional roguelike currently under development by ChaosForge. It is set on a futuristic moon station that you might recognize from the golden era of ‘90s gaming.  You play as a Totally-Not-Doom-Guy fighting for desperate survival against swarms of demons and zombie soldiers who all happen to be armed to the teeth.  Along the way you’ll find plenty of pistols, shotguns, grenades, med-kits, and BFGs to fend off the hordes of Hades.  Sound familiar? More importantly, if it sounds fun – keep on reading for our impressions!

450px Jupiter Hell cover

By: James Maxwell

Grogheads Reviews! Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Civil War raged from 1936 to 1939, ending when Franco and the Nationalists gained full control of the country.  The Soviet Union aided the Republicans while Germany and Italy aided the Nationalists.  The major powers tested equipment and doctrines later used in Europe during World War 2.  The Spanish Civil War has seldom been addressed by computer wargames – with notable exceptions being Battles for Spain and Espana 1936.

Axis Operations – Spanish Civil War is the first expansion for Panzer Corps 2, developed by Flashback Games and published by Slitherine Ltd.  Sixteen scenarios are included starting with Nationalist troop movements from Spanish Africa and ending in 1939.  Panzer Corps 2 is required to play Axis Operations – Spanish Civil War.  The base price for Axis Operations is $14.99, a reasonable price for a sixteen-scenario campaign.

capsule 616x353

By: Avery Abernethy,

Grogheads Reviews: Stirring Abyss!


Stirring Abyss is a squad level, turn based, survival-horror-exploration game developed by Sleeping Sentry and distributed by Slitherine/Matrix.  This review is based on more than 21 hours of play.  I was given a review copy, but then purchased my own copy so I could continue playing my game without restarting from the beta version.  Yes, the game was so good that I shelled out retail price so my save game would not be lost.

By: Avery Abernethy

1 Stirring Abyss