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Grogheads Previews Field of Glory: Empires – Part Deux!


Now to the heart of the matter. After reviewing the 50+ factions presently available, I chose Pontus, mostly because they are a faction I have never played with in any similar strategy game, but have always had an interest in, and also because Field of Glory: Empires (“FogE”) rates them a ‘3’ on difficulty and interest. To me, that is a good fit for my first campaign.

Lloyd Sabin,


Grogheads Previews Field of Glory: Empires!

FoG Empires mainart logo

Want to see something cool? Come a little closer. Check these out.  No not those…these here…these are some primo Field of Glory – Empires (FogE) screenshots. Yes, we know…Slitherine and Ageod won’t be releasing FogE until July 11th, but we here at Grogheads know people and we were able to score some code early. If you are planning on picking up FogE upon release, you will definitely be interested in these shots.

Lloyd Sabin,

FoG Empires mainart logo

Domina – A Spectacle of Violence and Greed


Manage a motley crew of gladiatorial savages during Rome’s twilight in “Domina”, the upcoming pixel-art management sim developed by Dolphin Barn.

Due for release on April 3rd, Domina puts players into the sandals of a young Roman woman, the recent heiress of her deceased father’s gladiator “ludus” (school).  It is your task to restore the ludus to its former power, honor and glory by leading your gladiators to supreme victory in various arenas around the Empire.

Buy slaves or hire trained soldiers. Maintain health and attitude. Conduct drills and training to develop new skills while equipping your warriors with a variety of weapons and armor.  Manipulate powerful senators, generals and consuls. Do all that is necessary to prepare your gladiators for the rigor of mortal combat.

If you have the courage, enter the arena with Grogheads, and check out some screenshots of the latest beta build.

Craig Handler, 25 March 2017

GrogHeads Previews Platoon Command

LNLP’s forthcoming game gets the once-over from our preview crew ~

Jim Owczarski, 09 November 2016

Let’s get this out of the way, shall we?

Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s forthcoming Platoon Command is not an attempt to reboot Up Front.  It is neither Up Front 2.0 nor is it Up Front Lite.  It is not Up Front Redux featuring behind-the-scenes footage of how a scoundrel and his shadow company absconded with more than 300,000 Kickstarter dollars and left a trail of litigation and rage.  Not that I’m bitter, of course.

No, courtesy of a rare bit of wisdom from corporate gameocracy, Up Front, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, is now available from the Wargame Vault and everyone interested can play this classic for a reasonable sum. Even more gratifying, the going rate for second-hand copies has now plummeted accordingly.  And besides, Platoon Command, though a card-driven game of World War 2 squad-level combat, bears little resemblance to its far more complex, some have even dared to say obtuse, ancestor.

Not. Up. Front.

Not. Up. Front.

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #97


GrogHeads Staff, 30 September 2016

The Russian Campaign, Designer’s Edition (GMT Games / Consim Press)
p500 $42 / MSRP $60

The Russian Campaign is an oft-revered game frequently mentioned among the ‘gold standards’ of classic wargaming.  It’s also been been mentioned with sputtered mutterings that vaguely sounds like “it costs how much?!?!”  Well, here’s your chance to get your hands on your own new, updated, corners-waiting-to-be-clipped copy of the classic.  You get 5 scenarios, counters with both NATO and icon artwork, full color rules & players aids, and 30 years of refinements and improvements to the rules, examples of play, game balance.  Blitz your way over to the p500 page to get your money down.