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TANKSgiving – Tanks and Armored Cars 1919-1939

Another gallery from a visit to Bovington  ~

Avery Abernethy, 20 November 2017

The tanks used in World War 1 were monstrous beasts that stood well over the ground. Most carried machine guns or at best very light cannons. After 1918 the industrial powers realized that anti-tank guns (and even anti-tank rifles) could easily knock out a WW1 era tank because of its thin armor, weak engine, slow speed and very high gun profile.

Much of the interwar period saw the development of Armored Cars and light tanks. Armored cars were much faster than the WW1 era tanks (especially on roads) and carried either similar or heavier guns than WW1 tanks. Thus the armored cars were faster, lower to the ground, less expensive to build, easier to maintain, and had more firepower than a WW1 tank.

Many armored cars were developed immediately after World War 1 through the early 1930s. As they developed, they became lower to the ground.

The development split into three directions.

In one direction the gun was removed and it became a scout car.  An example is the Dingo Mark 3.

Gaming Nostalgia – The AH Recon Report

#TBT at GrogHeads!

More digital AH goodness from a while ago.

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Gaming Nostalgia – Buck Rogers Role-Playing

#TBT at GrogHeads!

You would’ve thought one of the all-time sci-fi franchises would’ve garnered more respect for a reasonably-well-executed RPG.  But maybe it was a combination of folks who were young enough to ‘get’ RPGs only remembered the campy Max von Sydow movie, and those old enough to remember the wonderful old movies serials were a little too old to understand RPGs.

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Gaming Nostalgia – The Fantasy Trip

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Before DD4e, there was The Fantasy Trip, the original map-oriented, combat-on-a-grid-focused RPG that could even be played solo.  If you’re a fan, make sure you check out Dark City Games for the modern updates.

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A Wing and a Prayer – First Look!

Coming in for landing on a table near you ~

Michael Eckenfels, 1 November 2017

I’m going to try something different. Well…kind of different. Here, I’d thought that unboxing videos were the way to go, but perhaps the written medium is the best way to go. I think finding the happy medium between the two is going to mean a bit of back and forth, not just in our forums, but also in discussions of these articles. Hopefully, you will spend a moment or two to let us know what you think.

That said, it seems that there’s several companies vying for the solo bomber-missions-in-Europe mantle. DVG has B-17 Leader, Legion Wargames has Target For Today (not to mention B-29 Superfortress and Hell Over Korea), and here, Lock ‘n Load Publishing has A Wing and a Prayer.


The box cover’s design is eye-catching, I think.

Designed by Erik von Rossing, whom has quite a few solitaire game titles to his name, this one has been received by the wargaming community with positive vibes, as far as I’ve been able to tell. I’ve checked out multiple first impression pieces and articles on this game as they’ve trickled in over the last few months as I’ve waited to receive this copy, and there’s nothing really that I’m thinking is going to surprise me in a bad way. We shall see once I get it to the table, though.