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Do Zombies Drink Corona? The Zombie Survival Blog Returns!

ace hardware zombie

It has been quite some time since my last communication in this blog.  It hasn’t been because there was nothing more to say.  I was just focused on surviving.  And then world events popped up and made all of us think about survival.  Even the hermit living at the top of a mountain knows about the pandemic that crashed through world economies like a wrecking ball.  In a perfect world, politics would have no place in health discussions, but this issue has become so highly politicized that it is difficult to focus solely on the facts.  Regardless of whether you feel that this was a health crisis that threatened the lives of you and your family members or that it was an overblown reaction engineered for a political outcome, readers of this series will agree that it has to make us think about what to do for the next pandemic.

ace hardware zombie

By: Jonathan Glazer

Book Review: The Great Pacific War


Most wargames are alternative history.  The scope varies considerably.  Some games delve into the smallest details of a single tactical battle.  Other games put the player in charge of an entire nation or alliance allowing strategic decisions altering the economy, military technology, logistics, diplomacy and even the decision to declare war.


By: Avery Abernethy,

Dragon’ Up The Past – Urban Adventures

Jim has found something he can truly hate ~

Brant and Jim, 17 August 2018

A whole bunch of articles about cities, and a whole bunch of anger from our man in Milwaukee.

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Dragon’ Up The Past – Anti-Paladins & Women Gamers

Our first ever 3-man DutP Broadcast! ~

Brant, Jim, and Byron, 3 August 2018

We check out morality in role-playing, women in gaming, industrial figure painting, and oh so much more….

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Dragon’ Up The Past – Going to War!

DragonUp SPLASH154

The guys eek their way into the ’90s with an issue stuffed full of articles on the art of war ~

Statler & Waldorf, 20 July 2018

A jam-packed issue with a full set of articles about warfare in fantasy RPG’ing – paladins, heraldry, role-playing soldiers, and leading an empire.  We also get an early look at The Princess Ark, and…  a Donald Trump reference?!

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