Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Holy Crap, we’re up to #29!

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We’ve been running this AAR for 2 years. Yep, you read that right.

In part 28, Benvenuto finally rid himself of the last of his troublesome siblings, their wives and their children. He was the one true leader of Salerno, Genoa and Parma. In this part small wars, big wars na dlove at first sight.

The Croatians are coming! The Croatians are coming!


Four thousand six hundred men of Salerno stop the Croatian march dead in its tracks. They retire to Foggia to check castles and stuff.

Still wondering what kind of stain remover will be best to get the Croatian Prince’s blood off his tunic. Benvenuto is handed a message – his goal, his father’s goal is the subject of Jihad, the Muslims want Sicily – crap


With Apulia sewn up, Benvenuto marches home to press his claims. Oberto, his heir, comes of age, another fine specimen, six feet four, 250 pounds and the IQ of a shoe


……….He’s gay


If I can tie Oberto to the family of Lucca then his son will be the rightful heir to the Duchy. A bag of knives and a squeaky plank on the bridge over the moat later and we’ve expanded without all that messy war stuff.


Turns out Benvenuto has another prospect for a daughter-in-law. Dressed only in chains and some slinky underwear, down in the dungeon lies the next in line to the Apulian duchy. She’s perfect, holds three positive traits that would birth a line of near Sicilian demi-gods and she’s single. The Lucca wedding is called off, and we’ll have to release Flandina to woo her with flowers and stuff………..


……….here comes the bride


Turns out the brother, the boss of Apulia doesn’t like the di Parma familia. The tentacles of Sicilian treachery reach far, a dirty Bishop is contracted to ‘sort it out’


You know, it brings a tear to my eye. That poor little mite riding through the forest with the hunters, who knew the ‘catch the arrow with your teeth’ contest was going to go so wrong.

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