Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 14

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We are exploring more and more of the vast galaxy we call home. And more and more systems are coming under our banner via colonization. So much so that I’ve stopped announcing each one, but because I’m a good person, I’m going to give you a bit of an overview of my systems and my fleet. Besides, it would be nice for me to know these things, being the leader of the Federation and all.

System-wise, the Federation (or more accurately at this point, the Terrans) occupy 14 systems, including Sol. Some are rather fat and bountiful; others are a bit thin, but not bad at all compared to the vanilla version of Birth of the Federation, where systems were sparse. It was like trying to find a free dollar in a whorehouse, or a surface without STDs in a Florida strip club. In other words, impossible. Just in case you didn’t get that.


At my Galactic West, I have three ships, with a fourth one arriving in six turns. These are the USS Essex and USS Crescent (both Constitution-class *cough* Light Cruisers) and the destroyer USS Zodiac. The USS Tai Kang, a Destroyer, is headed to join them.


At my far Galactic North, I have three ships, with again, a Destroyer on the way to join them. The ships present at the moment in Sector 34.29 are the USS Enterprise and Defiant (both Light Cruisers) and the USS Volkov, a Destroyer. The fourth Destroyer, en route, is the USS Sitak.


And at my Galactic Center I have a ‘reserve fleet’ of sorts, with one Light Cruiser (USS Excalibur, which is I think the first in her class) and three Destroyers – the USS Anatevke, USS Aquarius, and USS Valiant. Just what I need, more ships named after horoscopes. I guess it’s better than molesters.

I also have five Science Vessels that are pretty much hanging out at even increments across my perimeter from Galactic Northeast, counter-clockwise down to Galactic West. I won’t bother passing on their names; I think I’ve done this before. Besides, they’re just going to die anyway when they run into the Crystalline Entity. Uh…I mean…alleged Crystalline Entity.


I’m building more starships, just in case we run across an Entity, Crystalline, Tribble, or otherwise. The USS Constitution (finally, the canon flagship) is born in a shipyard in the Sol system. I’m sending it to my Galactic West. Meanwhile, I’m building more Colony Ships and Troop Transports to help reinforce my rapid expansion. I’m kind of doing this in waves – a bunch of Colony Ships and Troop Transports, which fan out to spread our influence, then a bunch of ‘peaceful explorers’ armed to the teeth to help keep illegal aliens out of our pure hippy-dippy empire.


Great. Well, I missed this! Must have been the Swedish bikini team again, distracting me from important stuff.

Apparently my Science Vessels can now explore out to the red distance ring. This wasn’t the case a handful of turns ago, and I haven’t had any science breakthroughs, so I must have missed this along the line somewhere.


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