A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 5

frontier wars 728x90 KS

By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, October 9, 2014

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DW Part 05 - 01

Dawn of a new year. I’m now 5 years in. Private sector seems to be doing OK, although it doesn’t have a lot of cash on hand at the moment, despiteits  healthy revenue stream. Not really surprising my state income is in the red, then. It’s a good thing I cancelled those colony ships since I don’t need right unproductive colonies dragging me farther into the red.

DW Part 05 - 02

I’ve met about half of the total empires in this game,although I still have no clue where most of them are in the galaxy.


DW Part 05 - 03

The first ship from the Ugnari debris field is now online. Going to have it guard the construction ship while it repairs the others.


DW Part 05 - 04

Don’t like this at all: Visareen Star Hegemony (these guys hate me) ships hanging around my debris field. I order them to leave and they comply.


DW Part 05 - 05

DW Part 05 - 06

My two colony governors now have stats. Since most of my ship building is still coming from my homeworld, Chan will stay where he is and help boost construction speeds. Laurus will help build up the population and keep corruption down at Huiwepla.


DW Part 05 - 07

DW Part 05 - 08

And their back. Again I order them to leave my system and they comply.


I think I’ve reached the limit on how far I’m going to be able to expand through peaceful means. All of the planets save one in my colonization range have now been colonized.


I was initially going to go after one of the single system empires but after some scouting, I see that all of their homeworlds are too heavily fortified for me to take via ground assault. Instead I’m going to have to gamble with taking on someone my own size. My plan is to attack multiple colonies in a blitzkrieg style attack.


Next time: Final target selection and the first war of conquest begins!

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