A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 4

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By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, September 25, 2014

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DW Part 04 - 01

That is a lot of ships. My exploration ship Decrepit Starfire has found the Yirphunea Supremacy’s homeworld.

DW Part 04 - 02

And that is even more ships.. The Sneaky Hoard (who came up with that name anyway) has found the Ancient Guardians homeworlds. Per the previous warning from them I think I’ll avoid going back.


DW Part 04 - 03

The not so friendly pirates next door want to extort money from me. I tell them to go away, in the most diplomatic way of course.


Lacking resources or not, I’m tempted to overrule the AI on ship construction but I’m already running a pretty significant deficit so I’m going to continue to hold off for the moment.

DW Part 04 - 04

DW Part 04 - 05

Found an abandoned colony ship. The AI sends it off to Turvec 1. It’s got a low chance of succeeding due to a hostile population of Calephs. If it succeeds it will fill in my border between my homeworld in the Kiadia system and the recently colonized Ugnar system.

DW Part 04 - 06

DW Part 04 - 07


DW Part 04 - 08

Another rare resource located outside my sphere of influence. This one’s guarded by a sand slug that drove off an Adare Territory construction ship that tried to build a mine on it.

DW Part 04 - 09

DW Part 04 - 10

This is going to make my resource problems even worse. Since this was my only carbon fiber source I’m going to set up a pirate smuggling mission on the planet.

DW Part 04 - 11

The colonizing attempt on Turvec 1 has failed.

DW Part 04 - 12

I now have at least one source of all the strategic resources except Dilithium Crystal. It will take a while to build up a reserve.


AI has colony ships assigned to 3 new planets. It’s going to make another attempt at colonizing Turvec 1. If this attempt fails I’m going to cancel any future attempts. The money the AI is wasting on it isn’t worth what I’m going to get from it. I’m also going to cancel the ship that is being sent to the ice moon Adrenui. A 66% quality planet isn’t going to pay for itself anytime soon, if it ever does at all. Instead I queue up a construction ship to build a mining station on the planet.

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