Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part XXVII

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The Prosciutto still hasn’t spoiled, as part 27 drops on your lap.

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In Part 26 Benvenuto’s brothers laid claim to his County and Ducal titles and split the di Parma family with a civil war. Robbed of a proper army by jealous, back stabbing vassals Benvenuto had to negotiate with the brothers as opposed to bringing about their destruction, fortunately part of the settlement involved the imprisonment of both brothers. Salerno’s prison held four schemers. In this part, what to do with the schemers, and revenge on an old foe.



Locked in a dungeon it would be hard for Buonconte to escape any plot to kill him. Benvenuto concocts a plan and contacts his supporters


Bonus – Buonconte doesn’t have any heirs, with his untimely demise Benvenuto will inherit Genoa


Oberto Junior is banished from Italy, his titles and money stripped from him, and by some strange coincidence is caught at the docks preparing to leave……….. and thrown back in prison again as a peasant, shaaaaaame. Unfortunately, Buonconte manages to produce some offspring from behind bars and Genoa will not come straight to our estate – we kill him anyway



For some strange reason Oberto entering prison led to Chiaffredo exiting prison – and he soon as he gets home he starts up his old plot again. He loses, woefully, and is put back in prison where he will be chained to a wall



Hmmmm, I suspect Benvenuto isn’t reading the peace conditions properly…. as Oberto goes in, the Count of Amalfi goes out – and starts his plot again of putting Settimio in power in Salerno – he also loses and goes to prison, as does Settimio



Checking in with Matilda’s family – a long line of upcoming plots and assassinations



Technological advancements allow even a meathead like Benvenuto to control more demesne – he books some prison time with Chiaffredo and strips him of Taranto



I couldn’t have written it better myself. My nephew, the Count of Genoa, son of Buonconte (he of the falling down the stairs in the dungeon and breaking his neck ‘accident’) asks me to release the treacherous Settimio. He’s sent to prison for his impudence…… Benvenuto goes upstairs to practice his evil laugh



Benvenuto gathers the plotters to rid the dungeon of his nephew and gain the Genoan title he’s entitled to. He also reaches a crossroads in life – don the chastity belt of righteousness or shag like a man possessed. Oberto senior took the latter and ended up with a handful of sons that led to this mess, he takes the steel pants route now he has one son



It’s time to start chipping away at Matilda’s titles – we have a claim on her capital, Firenze – and it’s time to make amends

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