Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Six-and-Twenty

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The di Parmas roll on as Oberto’s death rattles the family.  And now…?

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In Part 25 Duke Oberto died in an accident at the Emperor’s Grand Tournament, his son Benvenuto became head of the family but the di Parma lands were split amongst two other brothers. In Part 26 Benvenuto must appease the brothers or seek other diplomatic means to bring them to heel, calm the uneasiness in his vassals and bring stability to the region.




Benvenuto’s first action is to try and imprison Count Chiaffredo of Taranto. He is heading a faction to try and install a bishop within his land as Count of Salerno, and thats Benvenuto’s title. Its a risky move, if it fails and Chiaffredo rebels there will be a war fought Benvenuto can ill afford. In the end it pays off and the traitorous git is thrown into the dungeon




Here we go, the first brother, Buonconte challenges Benvenuto and starts a family civil war.


Meanwhile in Germany, the Emporer wants to educate Benvenuto’s daughter….. he declines, we’re not introducing the German culture into the family




It’s offical, Buonconte of Genoa wants a piece of Salerno – he has a long way to march, giving Benvenuto plenty of time to consider his options.




A month later, Oberto Junior throws his hat in, Parma wants Salerno. This is a bit of a worry – because Benvenuto’s popularity is so low the amount of troops he can draw from his lands is very low. One brother would have been difficult, both is going to be a problem. Benvenuto is also starting with an empty purse and only a single province of his own – there’s no money for the mustachioed heroes of Bulgaria to be hired




Waiting for his brothers’ armies to move south, Benvenuto decides to start torturing Chiaffredo – and why not?




By the time the brothers come south there is just enough money to hire the Bulgarians. The plan is to use the mercenaries to smash the Genoan and Parmian forces and then let them disband when the money runs out. Then raise Benvenuto’s own forces to mop up and siege the castles. The Count of Amalfi also sees his chance for glory – he’s the next treachorous bastard to be caught




He’s in prison for one day before he starts complaining about the conditions – he’s thrown into the oubliette where he will never, ever be seen again




Count Oberto of Parma’s armies are destroyed but the Salerno forces aren’t enough to bring down the castle walls. We negotiate a white peace – the end of the war and the imprisonment of Oberto – seems like a fair deal




Stripped of his brothers support Buonconte of Genoa wilts. He offers a white peace with the same outcome, no war and his imprisonment. Benvenuto takes the offer – all Salerno’s enemies are behind bars, both brothers are in prison, as is the Count of Amalfi and the Count of Taranto. Will peace descend on the di Parma family?

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