Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part 25

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 Two weeks in a row?  You guys are special!

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In Part 24 Matilda of Tuscany declared war on Parma in a bid to reclaim land rightfully held by Oberto. By concentrating his forces and those of his allies from Bohemia on the strongest armies of Tuscany, Oberto whittled down Matilda’s army to a mere guerilla force, and then called in Ceowulf and his Saxon band to mop up, after Radislav of Bulgaria and his men were lost in Parma itself. With victory almost in their grasp Matilda’s allies strike a final blow at Oberto. In this part, death of an innocent, an old crow begs, a viper for hire and the tears of a people.



In the hills of Sospiro the best of Breisgau are thwarted by the Saxon band and the last of Oberto’s men. Mathilda’s lands are left wide open to siege



Meanwhile, on the outskirts of enemy Apulia over one thousand Muslims land on the coast and begin to seige the region of Benevento


Amid the war and the chaos this plot was forgotten by Oberto. This poor woman was assigned a gruesome death so that Oberto’s daughter could be married to the grieving Duke, and his titles taken from him. His daughter instead was married to the Crown Prince of Bohemia to ensure vital allies in the war against Tuscany, but the plot remained active

Oh well, c’est la vie


With her armies shattered and vaults plundered the Old Witch finally admits defeat


Lazarus of Capua, officially the sneakiest, back stabbiest bastard in all of Europe stakes his claim for glory. He appeals to Oberto for a chance to prove himself. Oberto jumps at the chance to have him on board but sends the two faced git to Turkey to steal secrets where he’s out of harms way
With the fires still burning in Matilda’s cities and intelligence that tells him her armies are ruined, Oberto raises the war banners and this time goes on the offensive.


Impressed with Oberto’s leadership and authority the Emperor invites him to a grand tournament. It was to be his last, an accident in the combat tournament sees Oberto killed – his era is over, the Scourge of Salerno, Father of Parma has passed.


Arise then Duke Benvenuto of Salerno. A walking wall of meat with all the social graces and diplomacy skills of a stab in the face. Parma is lost to his brother along with Nice and Genoa. The war with Tuscany is called off and the forces of Salerno march home again. Benvenuto has a choice to make – pursue every living relative of Matilda of Tuscany and destroy them until her line no longer exists, or go after his greedy brothers who have taken his lands



But first to business. Reconstructing the council – everyone hates him, its going to be a short reign or a hard job – if anyone can do it Benvenuto can.


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