Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part 23

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In part 22 Oberto groomed an impressive son and heir, Benvenuto, got him a Spanish princess for a wife and set out to declare war on the King of Sicily. In this part, war, daughters, the death of Kings and under handed deeds



The men of Parma set out to attack Cantanzaro. They will have to destroy the rebel army before they can besiege the province. Scouts look South and North, warily scanning the horizon for the King of Sicily’s armies



This is getting out of hand!


Oberto’s honour guard slay the King of Sicily and Cantanzaro falls. His daughter and heir has no desire to fight and she hands over the province.



Queen Flandina of Sicily – at 13 seems ripe for betrothal to an up and coming di Parma. Currently residing in Oberto’s dungeon some diplomacy and finesse might be in order



She hands over the lands, and we release her from prison – the charm offensive begins here



Oberto studies the masterplan for the crown of Sicily. Advisors suggest the southern regions and those to the east. Sicily itself is a mess of Muslim civil war, but it will be possible to take the crown without the land itself.



An angry Flandina attacks Oberto in Cantanzaro and calls on her uncle the Duke of Apulia in the east. Oberto counter attacks by claiming Lecce from Apulia and calling upon the Moustachioed Heroes of Sofia once again.



Oberto sieges Lecce and wrestles the lands from Apulia, further south Captain Radislav destroys Flandina’s forces and retakes Cantanzaro. The war is over, the weakness of Apulia has been shown, Oberto plans his future war for the crown here.



One of Oberto’s many daughters comes of age. She is a fine catch with an unequalled skill in stewardship, surely a marriage between Apulia and Parma will open diplomatic channels for the eastern duchies. But the heir of the lands is already married



A few words with the denizens of Apulia reveal she’s not the most popular. A plot is created to have her removed, Oberto distances himself from the sticky mess, but watches with intrigue

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