Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Twenty-Ace

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We hit “blackjack” on UCG’s  long-running Crusader Kings II AAR …

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In Part 20 Oberto’s cousin and Marshall was unexpectedly given ‘his’ Duchy of Capua, he received many claims on neighbouring provinces, and marched on the Muslims to complete the Duchy of Salerno. In this new part Sicily is found to be falling apart and unhappy subjects rise up.



Oberto’s armies arrive in Taranto to kick out the Muslims. It isn’t much of a match and they’re soon defeated and heading South



Taranto on its own doesn’t give up enough warscore for a victory. Oberto needs to take more Muslim land nearby to bump up the score. Heading South his scouts show the Emperor is already in Sicily, bravely keeping nine Muslims at bay!



Whilst Oberto knocks down the walls of Taranto rebels in Capua decide they’ve had enough and start knocking down its walls.


From out of nowhere a HRE army arrives, destroys the rebel army in Capua and then marches back up north again without so much as a nod of the head. Membership has its privileges



What? Stop having children woman!!!!!



With Taranto fully occupied Oberto heads to Messina where there’s……….

a Muslim and his friend to crush



Desperately trying to avoid the rebel army in the South, Oberto heads west to Mazar to destroy four more troublesome Muslims. Sicily really is ripe for the picking once this war is finalised.



Oh I see, it’s like that is it? Upset at having her homelands taken Carla picks a fight whilst Oberto’s armies are farthest from home.



She calls in 281 allies from Savoy. The Emperor pops up with a spare army of 1625 to block their path, God love him.



The Emir has had enough, he gives up his claim on Taranto, and puts us in charge of his minion.

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