Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Two-Zero

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Kicking off our second “decade” of the long-running Crusader Kings II AAR that you know you love to read.

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In Part 19 we saw Oberto defeat the pitiful armies of the Duchess of Amalfi, watched the Duchies of Capua and Genoa go up for grabs, and witnessed the King of Sicily lose to the Muslims, thus weakening his realm. In Part 20 Oberto employs the most efficient Chancellor in the Kingdom – ever, gets told off by the Emperor, and realises the errors of his kindness.


Its official, Oberto gets to don the Golden band of Power in all his state photos. Death to the Count, long live the Duke (we get a fancy new flag too)


Oberto considers stripping Carla of her title, but too many vassals will get grumpy, and having just adopted them, now is not the time


With an ever increasing demesne count it’s time to handout some landed titles. Oberto’s local cousin and Marshall gets the County of Capua – Oberto’s first victory in the Southern Kingdom. The Mayor of Naples is promoted to Count of Naples


The Band of Power brings many benefits, The staff want to get some of Oberto


Oberto’s overall aim. He currently holds a third of the land here. Taranto is the obvious next target as attacking Muslims does not need a Cassus Belli, although one already exists as that land belongs to Oberto as the Duke of Salerno.


The Chancellor digs up a claim on some of Matilda’s land – it’s too hard to refuse. As her icon suggests, she’s rotting away in the Emperor’s dungeon after losing her War of Independence – the Emperor kept both her Duchies for himself – git


Oberto was still plotting to usurp the Duchy from Matilda, the Big Man says quit it now it belongs to him. He obviously has plans for the Duchy – Oberto orders 500 barrels of wine and 250 sides of venison in readiness for the big announcement.


The Chancellor digs up another claim in Reggio. This would further Oberto’s advance on Sicily but it’s too costly just before a war………..


……..Oberto claims Taranto. The actual Emir of Taranto is a vassal of your man shown here. He has a stretch of Northern Africa and most of Sicily. It’s impossible to declare war on non-independent demesne so we need to declare war on the main man and will need to take some of his land to get the warscore up – Taranto alone won’t carry enough victory points to win. So it’s  just well that the Emperor declared war on him too, so Oberto will sneak in the back door, claim what’s rightfully his and then get the hell out.


Oberto calls to arms his allies. Wait, what? Who’s this? The cheeky bast**** cousin of Oberto’s that he elevated to the Count of Capua has been handed the Duchy of Capua by the Emperor. There is much rage in the halls of Salerno

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