Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm – AAR Part 2 of 5

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Author: Al Sandrik

Scenario: 11 Bravo

In Part 1 Al took considerable time examining the map and developing a strategy to defend against a Soviet attack. Today in Part 2 he describes the opening moves of the Soviets and how his plan is holding up.

Turn 1 06:00-0631:  Turn 1 started with a few quick surprises!  The first was a Soviet attack helicopter assault that savaged Bravo and Charlie Companies of 2-36!  For about 25 minutes they hit both companies knocking out 23 vehicles/units with 9 destroyed and 14 reported as falling out. It wasn’t totally lopsided exchange as two Mi-24 Hinds were brought down but still very damaging to my position!  Probably the main thing that saved me was heavy rainfall moved in reducing visibility to 500 meters at the height of the fray.  That actually was my second surprise of the turn, if we had maintained 1,500 meter visibility my Forward Air Controllers (FAC) would have been able to call in some F-16s to strike the Soviet units attempting to breach the obstacle belt (figure 18).  Another thing that went wrong was my M106 mortar unit didn’t drop smoke as ordered leaving the Scout unit assigned to blow the bridge exposed. There appeared to be some kind of mix up with the fire orders.

Flashpoint-AAR-Oct-17-Part-2-Figure 18-Turn 1_0600-0631

All of that said some good things happened for me this turn as well. The previously mentioned scout unit attached to Alpha/2-36 did move up to the bridge and began to wire the preset charges.  The OPs safely returned to my lines, and an exchange of fire between 1st Platoon/Alpha Company and the Soviet mechanized unit attempting the breach the obstacles resulted in some Soviet losses.

Elsewhere units from 2-32 Armored Battalion were advancing in good order and were close to assuming their defensive positions.  Overall, concern about the Soviet helicopter battalion continuing to assault my mechanized infantry, and the variable weather/visibilities aren’t helping my cause right now either. Current visibility is 2,000 meters (about 1.25 miles) and if that holds I might try to call in more airstrikes toward 07:00-07:30.

Turn 2 0631-07:07: The next half hour or so of combat goes a lot better for me. The Soviet helicopters continue the attack on Charlie Company/2-36 but then race northwestward into the heavy woods. No doubt I will see them again, and I am not sure why they disengaged but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  For now, that takes a lot of pressure off me and more importantly allows 2-32 Armored to continue to move into position unmolested.

The Alpha Company/2-36 scout platoon (attached) takes heavy Soviet fire as they struggle to complete the bridge demolition. When it seemed that they would be overwhelmed and I had given up hope of blowing the bridge, Delta Company 2-32 arrived in their assigned over watch positions in the “Golf Club” area. Within minutes the Abrams 120mm guns, supported by neutralizing fire from the M106 SPA Mortars, savaged the advancing Soviets and dispersed the advancing mechanized company.  Around 07:05 their efforts were rewarded as bridging material lofted skyward and portions of the span dropped into the river!  Amazingly, only one scout squad was lost in the entire effort! I can tell you I will be writing some award nominations for that unit when this is done!

I don’t expect to hold the Soviet advance along the initial line of resistance/river but might delay them for a much needed hour, time enough to bring up my heavier M110 203mm Self Propelled Artillery (SPA). When they arrive I will use their scatterable minefield munitions to lay even more obstacles at key choke points.  Elsewhere Alpha through Charlie Companies 2-32 Armored continue to move well toward their assigned positions. Soon I will be able to bring them back under TF Bravo command.

Around 07:00 several new Soviet units attempted to breach the obstacles northeast of Freigericth. As it usually takes about a half hour for them to move through a well-set defensive belt I should be able to bring heavy fire on them (see below image) over the next 30-45 minutes.

Flashpoint-AAR-Oct-17-Part-2-Figure 19-Turn 1_0631-0707

All-in-all this was a very successful turn of events for me. If the visibility continues above 1,000 meters (currently it remains at 2,000 meters) I will have the FAC request another airstrike on the Soviet column while they are hung up in the obstacles. Between the F-16s, Abrams, obstacles, and SPA I might be able to blunt a good portion of the Soviet lead elements.  Make no mistake, this is going to get very bloody, especially if those Hinds return, but right now feel good about my overall plan of defense!

Check in next Thursday to see how events unfold!

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