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Brant Guillory, 9 February 2013

Bad puns, great gameplay, and occasionally brilliant maneuvers, as Brant’s Civ V Gods & Kings AAR rolls on.

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We’re starting to exert some naval influence on the medium seas*, and it’s time to see what’s just over that next horizon.

*You don’t get to the high seas until you discover Navigation.


Idiot Scout Chizik Succeeds!

Too many more of these fights, and we’ll need to rename him. But for now he managed to knock off an archer, and needs to rest up somewhere.


More Land, More Religion, More Wonders.

We found a small spit of land near La Venta to go explore. However, if you look along the right side of the screen, at least 2 more religions have been founded, gobbling up options that we could’ve chosen from for our beliefs when we get around to founding our own religion. Also, someone built the Oracle. It’s not a gotta-have-it-or-else sort of wonder, but it does give you a free social policy, and that would’ve been nice to have.


Pasture-ized Cattle.

We’re putting our cattle in a pasture, and boosting Hippo Regius’s production in doing so.



Checking Out The Ruins.

I try to break up longer sea trip with some land breaks if they’re available. If nothing else, it puts my guys on terra firma while I check the surrounding area for enemy naval vessels. There’s no good reason not to do this as a standard practice.



Just Checking.

Given the rate at which our local barbarians seem to spawn like union protests during an election year, we’re going to walk our archer back up to the northeast and wander around a bit to see if something’s popped up that we should know about.



Hugging the Coastline.

I like to know the outlines of the landmasses I’ve got in the area. Whether by boat or on foot, I’m always going to try to map out the coastlines everywhere, and then fill in the interiors when I can.



Pause for Effect.

Idiot Scout Dude needs a rest after that fight with the archer. Let’s heal up a bit before trying to vulture another kill and leveling up again.



‘Cuz You Gotta Have Faith!

I guess it makes sense that the ruins near La Venta would grant a boost to your faith as their bonus.



We Found Us Some Marrakech.

Another city-state appears, this one on the island east of La Venta. Like Zurich and their porcelain, Marrakech’s jewelry is only available from a city-state and is not a resource that you can own or develop yourself (without conquering someone to get it).



Get to Exploriating!

Let’s move that scout further south and east and go hit those ruins on Marrakech Island.



Getting Techy Wit’ It.

After my last discovery, it was time to re-program my tech development. I’m working on Construction first, for the lumber mills and Colosseum. After that, I want to focus on getting to other naval discoveries I need, like the Compass and Astronomy, before I move back to other developments.



Next Settler Launched.

I’m going to move him further east, and put him on that small isthmus. It gives me a port that goes out in two directions, and keeps him in eventual improvement range of both the wheat and marble to the northeast of this site.

I like parking cities on these sorts of one-hex-wide spits of land, as they generally offer solid naval pass-through points, as well as reasonably defensible locations against ground attacks.



Mining Some Silver.

Uitque now has silver in its footprint, so it’s time to get mining, especially since that ties into our pantheon beliefs.



Finishing Off The Tree of Liberty.

I’m going to pick the last development in “Liberty” which grants its own bonuses, but also grants us a free Great Person.



Great Person!

I now get to choose a Great Person.



What to Choose?

I normally grab a Great Engineer and use it to hurry a wonder, and try to get ahead of the other civilizations. But I’m going to try something different in this game. I’m going to grab the Great Artist and use him to trigger a Golden Age. Why?

Because if you look at the happy-meter up in the top bar of the screen (the white numbers currently reading 299/340), you’ll see I’m very close to earning my next Golden Age. And you can’t trigger one while you’re already in one.

So if I play this right, I’ll have the Golden Age from my Great Artist wrapping up and then BAM! right back into another Golden Age, which will give me about 15 turns or so of jacked up productivity and revenue.

Best use of a Great Person? Probably not. But the idea of multiple back-to-back-to-back Golden Ages (remember I just came out of one triggered by a social policy not long ago, too) is kinda cool, so I’m running with it.



And It Freshens Breath, Too.

I’m going to get a Mint built in Carthage – especially while I’ve got my Golden Age production boost – to help bring in the revenue. You’ll also notice that I don’t even have any Wonders as an option to build, or I’d totally be hammering away with the production increase.



Queueueueueing up.

Let’s go Mint, Market, Settler, Spearman, and see if anything else becomes available to insert into the queue between the Market and the Settler.



Repositioning Our Forces.

I’m going to send my newly-built spearman to Utique, and take the warrior there and move him to Zurich Island, where I’ll try to clear out that barbarian camp for them. First, put our spearman on a course for Utique, then…



…Ship Our Warrior Overseas.

Hey, we’re neo-cons. We clean out barbarians for other “friendly” governments 🙂


Next up? Battles near Marrakech, another new city, and a Great Prophet is born!


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