A Civilization V AAR – Part the Fifth

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Brant Guillory, 17 January 2013

Brant’s AAR continues, with more detail than should be legally allowed in a screenshot-heavy AAR.

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Well, we’ve got another city out there, and we’ve got some good things building in both places. But we’re still having some encampments of Canadians out there* causing problems and need to clean those bastards up before we can do too much more.

*Hey, they’re dressed in red. They keep annoying the crap out of you. They don’t seem to make any cultural contributions to the game. Ergo, Canadian!



The Battle of Utique North, Part I.

First thing we gotta do is plink those brutes from the city, so it softens them up for the archer. Well, that and we have to finish healing up our warrior, who is currently doing an outstanding doorstop impersonation.


The Battle of Utique North, Part II.

C’mon man! Really? Now you’re going to spawn another brute. Seriously? What’d I ever do to you? I mean, besides kill your cousins and bombard you with city debris, and admit I want to wipe you off the earth…



The Battle of Utique North, Part III.

Time to back that archer up and use the river to help with the defense. Utique’s bombardment is certainly helping, but I can only hand out some much damage in one turn.



The Battle of Utique North, Part IIII.

My warrior is finally done rehab’ing his ACL tear, and gets into the fight. We were able to knock out both brutes in quick succession once we had multiple bombardments hitting them. On to the camp!


The Battle of Utique North, Part IIIII.

Now we need to kill that last twerp. One good thing that came out of all of this is that Lisbon as specifically asked us to clean out that barbarian encampment, so we just increased our influence with them for doing something we needed to do anyway.



Meanwhile, in the Capital.

Now that we’ve got a quarry built, we can try to get the Stone Works built in Carthage. It gives you a nice bonus to production for each quarry you’re working. Can’t get to it ’til the Mausoleum is finished, but the combination of bonuses to the quarries should make Carthage a production powerhouse before too long.



He Just Can’t Keep Out Of Trouble.

Idiot Scout Dude has found another brute. At least he’s fully healed this time so he might survive.



Even a Broken Watch Is Right Twice A Day.

In running away, Idiot Scout Dude manages to find another barbarian camp, so even though he’s only moving in self-preservation, he managed to find something useful in the process.



No Really, We’re Promoting You This Time.

No need to burn a promotion for healing here. Let’s start upping his combat prowess.



Drawing Fire.

Idiot Scout Dude found the barbarian encampment, but now he needs to E&E his way out of there before that barbarian makes scout dust out of him.

Also, if you look in the lower right side of the image, you’ll see that someone else did, in fact, beat me to completing Stonehenge. We’ll have to settle for building ourselves a miniature replica of it.



Our Rolling Stone Civilization Has Gathered Some Maus…

…oleum* Now that we’ve got the Mausoleum built, our quarries should start cranking up some production, and our building binge in Carthage can take off.

*OK, OK, that was pretty bad. Even for me.



An Important Discovery.

Optics is a big deal, because it allows land units to embark over the water. In Civ V there’s no mechanism for boats to carry land units; they just float themselves wherever they want to go. Now I can start launching some scouts over the waves.



Next Social Policy.

This one gets me a free worker, so I can swing twice as many hammers.



Tweaking the Production Queue.

Need to get a scout out there that’s not an idiot. Then the Stone Works to boost quarry production, and then we’re going to shoot for another wonder – The Great Lighthouse gives boosts to naval units, and, well, I’m playing Carthage, so it’s kind of a natural fit, eh?



Ships Away!

My first Quinquequequequequereme is ready to launch, so we’re going to start exploring over the waves and see what we can find. Meanwhile, there’s more Canadiarians to deal with out there.



Taking a Chance Here.

And hoping my quinquereme is smarter than my Idiot Scout Dude. I’m going to put him in automated “explore” mode and let him sail where he may to start finding out what’s out there. We know there are some nearby landforms. But we don’t necessarily know how big they are or what’s on them.



Another Promotion.

My spearman has picked up a second promition. He’s got a few different options now – expand his previous specialty, or branch out to some other secondary promotions. I’m a fan of the “medic” promotion, as it keeps your guys in the fight longer.



Idiot Scout Dude Gets Lucky.

My Idiot Scout Dude has a damaged brute nearby, and knocking him off with a quick strike will give the scout some good experience. Again, I think it’s bat-crap crazy that the only way for scouts to ‘level up’ is to get in a fight, when they aren’t built to fight and absolutely should not be fighting. But we have to play the game we have, not necessarily the game we’d like to have.



Pan Back, Alfred. Get Me The Wide Shot.

I’m going to have this worker move from Carthage to Utique, and head to that wheat patch for some planting and harvesting.



Next Scorecard.

Yep, I’m on the bottom of the “well-fed” people list. I’ve irrigated absolutely nothing, and I’ve got no work boats in the water fishing anywhere. I’m about to start working on that, but right now, my Carthiginians are lean, mean, and, well, at least one of them is an Idiot.


Will Idiot Scout Dude survive? Can the Carthiginians finally get off their rock? What’s still out there in The Fog™? Will Brant ever stop asking questions? Will you come back for the next episode?


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