A Civilization V AAR – Part Deux

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Brant Guillory, 23 December 2012

The next installment in the saga of Carthage-as-Played-by-Brant, wherein we find some first steps towards conflict, greater explorations, and a dash of culture.

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Last session, we started exploring our local area, tripped over a few ruins, and found some bad guys.



Tweaking My Production

With one of those ruins, my guys discovered the secrets of Pottery, so I need to go tweak my production queue to get the Shrine bumped up. If you can found a pantheon early, you get a better choice of beliefs to enhance your civilization. So I’m going to add the Shrine, but then also move it up in my production queue, even ahead of the Monument.



Scouts Out!

My second scout is going to start poking around to the west, since I don’t know much about what’s over there. Meanwhile, my spearman is going to head north to bail out my other scout from the barbarian stew he just spilled on himself. But hey! On the way, we found another set of ruins. Hmm…



More Technology.

My first researched tech is now done, and with mining, I can get a worker moving on those silver deposits. After the Shrine, and after the Monument, and, ah, hell… whenever I get to it.



I’m going to move my spearman north towards my retreating scouts, and leave that ruin alone for right now. Here’s my thinking: my spearman has already upgraded with what he found in a ruin; my scout has not. If I can get my scout down there, and he gets upgraded, then I have an archer on the map, too. If it’s not a unit upgrade in that ruin, then I don’t lose anything by waiting a turn or two to get there. Meanwhile, I need to get that spearman to that barbarian camp before he starts spawning too many barbarian brutes.



Westward Ho!

Uh-oh. Dammit – more barbarians. More ruins, too, but now we’ve got to duck and weave boys! Let’s make a quick dash into those ruins and see what we get.




Thanks to some artifacts I found in the ruins, I now have some culture. And you can stick those snarky remarks in your ear. Again, the numbers may look different b/c I’m playing on “quick” speed. But now I’m going to get to my first social policy pretty quick. This minimizes the pressure to get the Monument done quickly.



Policy Time.

As Scout 1 heads to the ruins east of Carthage, and the spearman heads north to the barbarians, I get to pick my first policy.



Give Me Liberty, or Give Me…. Something Else!
I’m going for “Liberty” as my first chain of social policies. I like that you get a free worker and a free settler in this tree, as well as a golden age and a free Great Person, all in this one policy tree. Sure, I’m biased because I’m from the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!, but I can’t think of any Civ V game I’ve played when Liberty wasn’t one of my policies.



Archin’ Around.

The gamble with that other ruin paid off – my scout is now upgraded into an archer. When scouts upgrade through discoveries in ruins, they maintain their movement bonuses (score!). Next, I gotta turn him around to help the spearman clear out that camp.



Someone Found The Gods.

Another civilization has founded a pantheon. Given that we’re just now getting to turn 10, I’m betting the Celts are out there, since they generate Faith just by waking up in the morning. With them in the game, I was never going to win the race to the first pantheon, but with the Shrine getting built, I might could get the second or third one.

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