Consulate Crisis! Part 6 – A Command: Modern Air Naval Operations and Combat Mission Shock Force AAR

BlackGIs afghan marine patrol in hit
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He’s been off safeguarding freedom and democracy, but IICptMillerII is back, and he is ready to pick up his exciting cross-game AAR right where it left off! Don’t miss a beat of the pulse-pounding action!

BlackGIs afghan marine patrol in hit

By: IICptMillerII,


The AAVs carrying B Company begin rumbling ashore. However, due to the attrition of AAV’s, the loading was less than organized. It will take a few minutes for the Marines of B Company to organize themselves on the beach before they make their way towards the Canadian consulate.

On MSR Coyote the scouts and engineers who arrived in the first wave nearly 40 minutes ago have secured initial positions that will allow B Company to quickly move down the MSR and get to their objectives faster. The Global Hawk UAV circling above the city has spotted what appears to be an operational T-62 tank sitting outside the Canadian consulate on MSR Maple. A team of scouts splits off and clears a large 4-story building complex and gets eyes on the T-62. One of the javelin teams from B Company’s command element is brought up ASAP to deal with the tank.


Though tired from the run to the rooftop, the javelin team is able to target and engage the enemy T-62, destroying it. The javelin team then displaces off the roof.

A second T-62 is spotted at the intersection of blocking position Bunny. It also appears to be operational, and so the javelin team is redirected to a new firing position to engage the other T-62.

A minute or so later, the javelin team is in position and engages and destroys the second T-62.


As the javelin team displaces, they draw fire from across the street. There are Regime infantry in platoon (-) strength in a building complex along MSR Market, directly in the way of the proposed route to the Canadian consulate. Word of the new situation reaches B Company’s CO, CPT Pulido. He takes a minute or so to consolidate his thoughts and weigh his options, then decides on a new plan of action. B Company will divert from MSR Market to an alternate route to get to the Canadian consulate and will request a danger close airstrike on the building complex housing the Regime infantry.

The alternate route is approved, but the danger close airstrike is denied. Even with plenty of hard cover around, the target is within 150 meters of friendly positions. 500 meters is danger close, and 200 meters is considered too close unless the situation is dire. This situation is deemed ‘not dire enough’ by higher headquarters. The enemy strongpoint is noted and passed up the chain of command as a possible opportunity target once the Marines have left the area, and CPT Pulido begins to brief his platoon leaders on the new plan of movement.


With the platoon leaders briefed, they begin moving down the alternate route. 1st platoon is in the lead and takes up a position that has eyes on the edge of the western consulate wall. A patrol of Regime MP’s are spotted and engaged.


After a brief firefight, some of the MP’s have had enough and surrender. The firefight begins to die off. One of the MP’s takes advantage of this and, using the surrendering MP’s as a shield, aims and fires an RPG at the Marines.


The RPG flies left, missing the Marines who quickly pour fire into the men in response, neutralizing the MP’s. After seeing the RPG gunner and human shields cut down, the rest of the survivors decide to properly surrender. The Marines, now wary, keep rifles trained on the surrendering personnel and do not approach. The surrendering men do not try anything further.

The situation back at the US consulate becomes dynamic. Its probed a few more times by dismounted Regime infantry. Each time the probe is repulsed by Marine security. Initially it is difficult to determine what the enemy is trying to do. Neither the Global Hawk nor U-2 see an enemy force massing for an attack against the consulate. In fact, the neighborhood surrounding the consulate seems to be rather barren. This situation quickly changes when the Global Hawk’s sensors detect BMPs moving in the general direction of the consulate. Armed personnel are also seen slowly making their way through neighborhoods in the direction of the consulate. This is bad news.



3rd platoon, A Company commanded by 2LT Branch is the lead platoon making its way towards the US consulate. They just turned onto MSR Liberty when the BMP movement was spotted. CPT Amato informs 2LT Branch of the newly developing situation and the increased urgency to get to the consulate. As if on cue, one of the squads of 3rd platoon takes fire from point blank range.


It’s a single soldier who wildly mag dumps. No one is hit by the fire and the soldier is quickly killed by a Marine, but this is another close call of many that has also halted all forward movement towards the consulate. If this keeps up its only a matter of time before casualties are suffered, or worse the relief force is so delayed that the consulate is overrun.

Mere seconds later, a BMP comes screaming down a side street and into an intersection just 60 meters away from 3rd platoon. It appears to be trying to get close to the US consulate and is oblivious to the Marines.


One of the Marines quickly shoulders and fires his LAW rocket and hits the BMP in the rear, stopping it and setting it on fire. Disoriented Regime infantry begin spilling out of the back and into a hail of fire from the Marines.


Not all goes in favor of the Marines. Just to the left of where the BMP was taken out is a two story building occupied by Regime soldiers. They open fire on 3rd platoon caught in the open in the middle of the street with at least one PKM machine gun and cause two casualties. The building is too close to the Marines location to call in an airstrike, so the building will have to be taken down the old fashion way. 3rd squad moves into an adjacent building and engages the enemy at very close range. At the same moment that 3rd squad moves into the adjacent building, a team of Regime soldiers who apparently have a similar idea come face to face. A violent, point blank range firefight develops.


The team of Regime soldiers is killed, but so is a Marine. Casualties are starting to mount for the Marine Landing Party.

A second BMP appears at the corner of the intersection, but before it can fire a Marine with a LAW hits it in the lower front chassis. The BMP driver panics and tries to reverse but instead spins in a circle. In a last desperate act, it pops its smoke dispensers, but the effort is futile. Another Marine fires a second LAW into the side of the BMP, destroying it.


3rd platoon has had a hell of a time on MSR Liberty, and the consulate is still half a kilometer away.

Stay tuned for Part 7!

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