Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part 17

frontier wars 728x90 KS

In Part 16  Oberto’s forces supported by the mustachioed legions of Bulgaria all but destroyed any effective armed resistance against his claim to independence. In this part he achieves his ambition, has a fine Italian woman on her knees and cleans up the mess……


Beaten, stripped of wealth and facing ruin, Matilda kneels before Oberto and offers surrender. The first part of his plan has finally been completed, his promise to his father as he lay on his death bed has begun to be fulfilled.


It’s official.


Oberto rolls straight into the second part of his plan – destroying Matilda utterly. There is a period now of truce, it is time to make claims and fabricate those that don’t exist, plot plots, and summons supporters – she and her kin will be wiped from the map.


The Count of Lucca supports our cause, he is drafted in, with him will come more supporters and the plot power will grow.


I realise Oberto has no Personal Ambition selected. With one of the highest Chancellorship scores in Europe I’m sure a call will come soon from above and I select ‘Become Chancellor’ as his ambition.


The Council. All learned men in their chosen field but it seems at the height of the war I forgot to change my own Chancellor. We give the role to the back stabbing bastard Bonifacio (score of 19) – I need a high score to fabricate claims against Matilda.


Lucca joins the plot, the strength will grow with him on board attracting more plotters. I’ll actively seek more once I’ve finished tidying up.


Arse, I’d forgotten about these guys. I’m nowhere near a position to pay them off and I fear killing them now will affect future loan opportunities. Cheque’s in the post, honest.


I didn’t receive as many claims as I hoped on independence. As the holder of every province to claim the Duchy of Capua I still don’t have any right to the title. I have strong claims on our Southern intentions but as a lowly Count I’m unable to usurp them. I’m stuck in a viscous circle – I can’t be a Duke without claiming the lands and I can’t claim the lands without being a Duke – it’s time to get the swords sharpened.


What’s that you say? Become Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire? I don’t mind if I do.

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