Warlock Four-Player AAR – Tuna Session 2

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LongBlade: Tuna’s images from Session 2 have managed to make it through to my scrying ball. His script, however, has not. As a result I have had to draft an imp to decrypt his images and piece together the narrative of the game. But fear not! We have managed to decypher Tuna’s actions and intent. We think. That, or I will banish a hapless imp back to a summoning circle for another few decades to teach it a lesson.

 Turn 20

As we noted in previous sessions, Tuna’s initial 20 turns were lost to us. But we pick up with him on Turn 20. As we have seen from the other three players, Tuna is the last to be discovered. As a result he’s been up to no good fighting the AI. Three of his archers have been besieging the city of Duropilon. One of his units has been damaged and his first move is to cast a spell to heal that unit.


Turn 21

Tuna continues to lay siege on Duropilon, but he has neglected his homefront and fails a quest to build a Craftmans District. It doesn’t cost him any gold, but it does cost a reward that he would have been granted had he succeeded. Instead he elects to build a second Chamber of Arrows in one of his outlying cities. Then from the south a new threat emerges: hostile cockroaches!

Warlock-AAR-Tuna-Session2-turn21c-monsters south

Tuna then orders his archers to fire on Duropilon and he succeeds in achieving the quest of conquering a city and is granted a reward of 250 gold, which more than makes up for the failure to build a Craftsman District. Finally he meets The Command Tent on the map and sends an offer of a Non-Agression pact. Considering the beating The Tent is taking this is, I’m sure, a welcome reprieve.

Turn 22

The Tent has hastily accepted Tuna’s offer of a Non Agression Pact. Now free to explore some more, Tuna first builds up several cities and then pushes his archers around Duropilon east.

Turn 25

After several uneventful turns, a Hero presents itself to Tuna and he gladly hires it for some additional muscle.

Warlock-AAR-Tuna-Session2-turn25a-hire the hero

Tuna then turns his attention to the west where he quickly dispatches monster-eating spiders.

Warlock-AAR-Tuna-Session2-turn25d-finish the monsters

Turn 26

Tuna wraps up this session by moving his settlers to the south. They encounter more monstrous cockroaches. Settlers are not good at fighting. Period. But apparently these cockroaches are weak enough that he feels comfortable engaging them with his settlers with plans to then establish a new city after they are wiped out.

Warlock-AAR-Tuna-Session2-turn26a-move settler clear path

LongBlade: And with that we will bring this special Sunday AAR to an end. Tune in Thursday for more!

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